Jade Ceramic Coating

Premium Ceramic Coating Protection System

The Puris Ceramics line is available in three varieties:

1. Jade Quartz: Ultra Premium Ceramic with a 9H hardness rating and a 4-year warranty*

2. Jade Ice: Premium Ceramic with a 7H hardness rating and a 2-year warranty*

3. Jade Edge: Ceramic for Trim with a 4H hardness rating




Why do I need Jade Ceramic Coatings?

  • Ceramic coatings are designed to defend the painted surface against contaminants and prevent them from bonding to the surface by making the surface very hydrophobic.
  • Additionally, they create a very hard shield to protect against minor scuffs and abrasions and are extremely durable in terms of protection, in some cases up to four years.
  • In the market, Jade Ice consistently out-preforms other products, delivering higher gloss, hardness and water hydrophobicity. 
  • Surfaces coated with Jade Ceramic become self cleaning so dirt and water slide off.

Jade Quartz Water Test

After using Jade Quartz on this Mercedes, we had the coating cure for 48 hours before performing the water test. As you can see Jade Quartz has made this Mercedes completely hydrophobic, allowing the water to run right off the vehicle with very little beading.